You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver
Inspect the door of the wardrobe. Adjustment to the left or right is required when the gap between the two doors is uneven or the doors outside of the Cabinet. You might also need adjustment of the door height. If doors are uneven adjoin, to adjust their position by moving one of the adjacent angles forward or backward. If the method of fastening the door of the closet slightly different and the door is not installed above the doorway, and inside it, in this case, the loops are of slightly different design, but the adjustment remains the same.
Open the door of the Cabinetrequiring adjustment. Turn the adjusting screw located in the body of the loop, closer to the door. It serves to adjust the door left or right. Get that butt doors completely coincided with the end of the Cabinetand the gap between the doors was uniform and coincide with the gaps on other fronts, if they are available. If the door has a lock, it needs to function.
Unscrew a few turns the screws that secure the hinges to the body of the Cabinetto raise or lower the door. The holes for these screws in the loop are not round, but oval in shape, they are located vertically. Move the door along with the hinge slightly up or down to desired position. If the door is large, you can help yourself with a toe. As a result of such adjustment, the adjacent corners of the doors must match each other.
Loosen the screw located in the loop second from the door. Now the door has the possibility to change its position in the plane back and forth in the area of the loop. This kind of adjustment is needed and in that case, if the door is equipped with magnets.