Door system is installed to last, that is, after the inner Cabinet Assembly-coupe, installation of ceiling, floor and all walls. Measure the width of the opening with a tape measure at the top of the Cabinet, which later will be upper guide. From the received result subtract 2 mm and cut the top rail on the final size. It is important to cut exactly at a right angle.
Grab a square and draw a line around the perimeter, which will be cut. Start to cut from the back side, because the hacksaw may come off and scratch the profile.
Holes under screws drill with two sides parallel, i.e. in each section of the guide. Prepared by the upper guide insert in the wardrobe and carefully position it, leaving an equal gap on both sides.
Measure the length of base Cabinet and cut the bottom rail is shorter by 1 mm. Make cuts at right angles. Insert the bottom rail, but not prikruchivayte it to the floor of the Cabinet.
Insert door coupe in place. First, insert the door in the back of the guide, i.e., upper wheel upper guide, and then slide your finger bottom wheels and put the doors inside the Cabinet and insert the bottom wheels into the track.
Next, you need to adjust the doors on the side walls of the Cabinet using the adjustment screws to lower the wheels. Secure guide with screws to the floor of the wardrobe-coupe. The last action must be done only when you are completely sure that no more manipulation of the doors of the wardrobe-coupe to produce is not required. The work is finished.