So, you need to rebuild the nest with wooden liners, thereby repairing the door. Form liners should be trapezoidal, and the dimensions such that the inserts themselves entirely overlaps the damaged area.
Mark on the door the position of the sample under a wooden liner. To do this, attach it to the area you want to repair, and then trace the outline with a pencil. Further make a selection by lines with the help of the milling machine. If you do not, ask for help of a friend or friend who has access to it at home or at work. The stop, which limits the depth of milling must be adjusted so that thickness of the remaining wall was 1.5 mm (can be more but not less).
Try on the finished liner to the sample and adjust until tight entry, if necessary. On the surface of the parts apply the adhesive, then press them with a clamp during the drying. Enclose under sponges of the clamp strap to prevent parts from warping. On the bar put a piece of paper that she stuck in the door. After the glue has dried, remove the clamp and drill a socket under the hinge with a drill Forstner. Now sand the repaired area flush with the surface, and then paint it to match the door.