If the leaf Cabinet is slightly ajar and not densely adjoins to the wall, you need to repair or replace the stopper. This item is a small disc, which must be placed exactly in the center groove of the lower rail. In that case, when she shifted or lost stability, correct it, and secure with super glue. Install new insert, if still missing.
Often, after prolonged use, the door of the wardrobe is slightly off angle. This is always noticeable immediately adjacent to the wall or panel side forms the clearance under and over. To fill a gap, adjust the flap compartment.
Look at the aluminum profile at the end of two small holes with hex screws. One of them pins the sash frame, and the second is to adjust the door. You need the latest, most extreme. If the clearance is formed in the upper part, turn the screw counterclockwise. With each twist leaf will fall soon and exactly adjacent to the wall or side panel. The bottom gap is eliminated also, just turning the screw should be clockwise. To adjust, use a regular hex key.
Sometimes door wardrobe comes with a lower rail, in this case its just put in place. To further prevent this problem, do not use force when move the door. You also need to ensure that the move did not prevent the compartment located in the closet of stuff. It is better to correct them than to correct such error.