You will need
  • Measuring tool, drill, Phillips screwdriver, screws, end mill with a diameter of 35mm.
For a start it is necessary to partition the door for drilling in her groove, in which is mounted a hinged fittings. Depending on the height and weight of the door, you can install the hinges in the amount of two or more.
How to install furniture hinges
The markup start with the definition of the center of the groove. From the ends of the door the distance to the center of the groove may vary in the range from 70 to 120 mm, and the distance from the edge of door to center of groove 21 to 22 mm.
How to install furniture hinges
Set the drill end mill with diameter of 35 mm, this diameter of the Cup hinge is widely distributed (diameter of end mill should correspond to the diameter of the Cup). Holding the drill strictly along the axis of the drill, make a groove depth of no more than 12-13 mm. Use only well-sharpened tool, as a result, you will not have to exert unnecessary effort and avoid the following problems: excessive penetration, extrusion coating on the front side, chipping.
How to install furniture hinges
Make sure that the drilled groove is completely suitable diameter and depth for installation of the loop. Then insert it in the groove parallel to the edges of the door. With the awl make a Central recess for mounting screws. Then tighten the screws using the notched screwdriver or screw gun. Loop installed!
How to install furniture hinges