Go to your wardrobe and inspect the fastening of the doors. Take a screwdriver, stand on a chair and Unscrew the bolts on special retainers, which are available on both sides for one and the second door.
Remove the stoppers so they are not in any way interfere with removal of doors. Please note that in some cases it stops prevent removal of the door and not allowed the mechanism to go off the rails.
Close the Cabinet door, lift the door a little bit from one corner and otprint with a screwdriver the roller at the bottom of the structure. The roller should be removed from the groove.
Gently lift the door up and post it at the bottom of yourself, pulling yourself.
Remove first the bottom, then sprinted to the door to the floor and remove the top.
Perform these steps for the other door and later, if your wardrobe contains two, three or more doors.
Remove the doors from the wardrobe necessary one by one. In any case, do not try to remove all at once or pull door without removing the special corkscrews, you risk damaging the mechanism.
In cheap models the rollers are only used guides located at the top and bottom of the frame of the Cabinet, so removing the door just Unscrew the side bumpers and roll out the door from the slots of the guides.
In the premium-class models are set closers of doors, therefore, before dismantling it is necessary to remove them. In order not to compromise the integrity of the design and not waste time on adjustment after Assembly, loosen the latch only door leaf. The mount on the box don't touch.
Besides all this, be careful, removing the doors from the wardrobe. Everything should be done gently without force, as excessive pressure can damage the mirrors available at the door or the wood from which the Cabinet is made. After you Unscrew the stoppers, put the screwdriver away, you should not keep it in hand, or, as they like some, in the teeth. It is dangerous for your health and for doors that can accidentally damage a sharp object.