Varieties of procuratorem

Binding machine allows you to punch holes of different shapes from round to rectangle at the edges of the paper sheets. This unit leaves then put on the spring. There are several varieties of procuratorem:
- working with plastic springs;
- working with metal springs;
- thermoregulatory;
- combined or universal procuratory.

Instruction manual Procurator

Set the machine on a table or pedestal. Prepare documents, or block of sheets, which will need to fasten with springs. Don't forget to prepare and the crust, which will become the cover for your brochure, it can be cardboard or transparent plastic cover. Remember that after you install the springs to the document will be impossible to add the leaves.

First apertures in the document, i.e. prepariruetsya leaves. Then doing the same with a transparent or cardboard sheets (covers). If the document has more than 25 sheets (when the paper thickness is not more than 125 grams per cubic meter), it is recommended to divide it into several parts and carry out the perforation of each part individually, while still adhering to the boundaries of the overlay perforation.

For binding you need to rent a spring plastic or metal, depending on what your bookbinder. If procuratore used a metal spring which is much stronger than plastic, remember that bonded it leaves to withdraw from the brochure will be impossible. But when used as a binder, with plastic spring, after the cover can, if necessary, add sheets by opening the spring, however, this significantly deteriorates its appearance.

Select size of spring occurs, on the basis of the number of sheets, after which it is put on the comb of Procurator and opens (expands). Then each clove inserted sheets of document: first cover, then the document itself, then the second cover and the springs closed. Thus, you get beautiful and presentable document that will not be ashamed to present to your boss or your business partners. In addition, binding machines are often used by students to design graduation projects or term papers.