Advice 1: How to make blue color

Blue color is the color of emotion and communication. These colors give the impression of lightness, airiness, Evernote, prohlednete, peace of mind. They symbolize purity, intelligence, constancy and tenderness. The color of dreams and dreams, peace, harmony. In India blue is the symbol of truthfulness, in Brazil - a symbol of sorrow for the Chinese - one of the mourning colors. Look at the sky, how blue the sky is! Color can be obtained by connecting two two colors white and blue. Blending is suitable for any paint. Start with gouache.
How to make blue color
You will need
  • Album sheet
  • Gouache white, and blue
  • Bank of water
  • Brush No. 6
  • Palette
Find a place for mixing paints. Prepare all the materials on the table and proceed. To obtain the blue color, take white paint (tip of tassel). Mix it on the palette with a small amount of water and add gradually a drop of blue paint. All carefully mix. Try a few of these to put on an album sheet. Let it dry for ten minutes. If match the expected color, the paint is ready.
For more intense colorand add a little more blue, stir and try. Add the paint little by little, until, until you receive suits your purpose blue color. Do not forget to make strokes on a sheet, so just make sure what color is right.
How to make blue <b>color</b>
Useful advice
Mix the paint in a ratio of 1:10, 1 part blue paint add 10 parts white. If you want to use another ink, for example, to paint the walls, then mix in a large bowl. The best way to fit the cushion foam. For draining excess paint, take special flat pan.In which the roller moves freely then the paint falls evenly.

Advice 2: How to get blue hair

The modern world provides millions of possibilities to Express yourself. For women, the hair color can change almost everything. Especially if we are talking about such an unusual color, such as blue or blue.
How to get blue hair

Why is this color

Women choose blue color hair for different reasons. Someone since childhood, "sunk in the head," the image of Malvina, who wants extreme change, and more traditional shades seem insufficient, there are some girls that just are committed to continuous shocking.

It is important to understand that the blue hair color can cause ridicule and misunderstanding from others. You need to have inner strength, strength of spirit, without embarrassment to take the reaction of the surrounding world. If you think that this may not be enough, try first the less extreme hair color . For example, bright but natural red hair color can be a kind of dress rehearsal because people are overreacting even for him.

Dye your hair a blue color in several ways. If you want to achieve a temporary effect, use the special mascara for hair, crayons or special cartridges. This way you can dye the whole hair or highlight particular strands. These can be ordered online or purchased at specialty stores.

How to color your hair in the long term

To get permanent blue hair color, you can use homemade or professional means. As home remedies usually a "hellish" mixture of green stuff, blue tonic for hair or other pigments. However, this method is unsafe for the health of the hair and guarantee the result can not.

The colors of the desired shades have with different brands. These include the Igora and Schwarzkopf. Their products can also be ordered online, buy in any beauty store, buy at the Barber or salon. You can use the services of a good master, who will conduct all the necessary procedures to minimize potential harm.

Keep in mind that before dyeing hair in a sky-blue color it is necessary to bleach it. Bleach your hair at home is quite dangerous. All compounds that give the desired effect, are extremely poisonous, so they must be used exactly according to instructions, protecting eyes, nose, mouth, and all mucous membranes. So for the discoloration, even if further painting you want to do it yourself, you should contact the salon. Here you will be able to order a relevant, unusual haircut, which will create your new look. After dying a few times a month you will have to treat the hair tonic to keep the new color bright enough.
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