In nature, there are a huge number of shades of blue and blue. Depending on the presence of black pigment (brightness) or from the presence of white (lightness), and also depending on the saturation or fading blue, this color can be combined with other colors. When compiling the most winning color combinations it is easiest to follow the principles of monochrome, similarity, and complementarity.

Monochrome combinations

In order to see how the colors fit together, better to use a color wheel. In this color circle is divided into warm and cold, and can also be seen from the edges to the center gradually changes the brightness and any color goes with white.

Studying the color wheel, applying one color to another, it is possible to obtain the most successful combinations of colors. So, one of the most pleasing to the eye are considered to be monochrome combinations, i.e. combinations within the same color. In this case, one color is one that is submitted within the same segment of a circle, a "piece of cake". In other words, choosing to the image 2 or 3 different brightness shades of blue, you can make a harmonious combination.
For example, wear light blue, nezabudkovy skinny jeans and complete their switchtm more vivid cobalt hue. Shoes and accessories in this manner can also be blue.

The same combination

The same, i.e. the close combination – those that are adjacent to the selected segment. In the case of blue is blue and turquoise. The stylish way may use up to three various shades of these segments, and you can take as a brighter and lighter options.
So, dark blue skirt can be worn with a silk blouse fashionable mint (light Teal) color and finish the style with stilettos juicy shade of blue.

Complementary combinations

Complementary colors are those that are in the color wheel are on opposite sides. When these colors are close, they seem to reinforce each other, become brighter. Such combinations never go out of fashion. Here are all the known complementary pairs:

- ice green (emerald) – red;
- warm green (herbal) – hot pink (fuchsia);
- cold yellow (lemon) purple;
- warm yellow (mustard) blue;
blue – brown-orange.

That is why brown-eyed brunettes and a blonde, whose eyes and hair a lot of yellow and orange splashes, as are almost all shades of blue and blue. According to the principle of complementarity, these colours enhance the natural shades of the eyes and hair, making them Shine even brighter. Same thing with clothes – wear a blue sweater with trousers the color of chocolate, and then on the background of each other they will look more favorably.