You better use the red rosebecause of her coloring will be much better and the black color will be more intense. When you use the white roses you may not get the desired result, but the rose color will not be bright enough.
Take a roseBud which is just beginning to unfold. Otherwise, after you give her, she will stand for very long and quickly fade.
Carefully cut all the leaves off the stem. Although you can leave them, but keep in mind that they will also change their color and become black.
Take a vase and fill it with warm water. Add a special paint for the flowers. A paint you can buy in a specialized flower shop or search the Internet. For dyeing and fit simple gouache, but add it will have quite a lot. You can also use the rod of marker or ink. But the flowers after painting such means wither much faster.
Cut one inch of stem, and make a slanting cut on the diagonal. This will contribute to better penetration of the dye solution, fast and high quality staining.
Put a rose in a vase with the solution. At room temperature keep a minimum of fifteen hours. If necessary, you can hold it longer. At the same time you can paint a few roses to make a bouquet. Wrap a rose in a transparent wrapping, packing, carefully wrapping the cut stem to avoid.
According to the Japanese art of ikebana, the black roses are an expression of admiration for the power of the spirit and the vital resistance of the person. But on the other hand is a symbol of mourning, grief and sadness. Therefore, you should consider how to present the black rose, you understood correctly and appreciated your effort, originality and uniqueness.