To obtain any color by mixing, you need to have three main colors: red, yellow and blue. These three colors are used in the refill cartridges for inkjet printers. It is interesting that these colors cannot be obtained by mixing any other.
To get the right colors and shades, use the following combinations:

red and yellow – orange;

yellow and blue – green;

red and blue – lilac;

red and green – brown;

brown and olive green;

brown and orange - terracotta;

blue and green turquoise;

red, green and blue – black;

brown and yellow – ochre;

red and lilac – pink.
To obtain different shades of colors listed above, you need to mix colors in different proportions:
If yellow, add red, black and a little green, you'll get a mustard color.

If it yellow to add a bit of brown and black, to get the color avocado.

If in the yellow to add a bit of red will turn gold.

If green, add yellow, you get olive green.