Advice 1: How to mix paint colors

If you start to draw or design, you should learn the basic principles of mixing colors. With only three colors of paint, you can get all possible colors and shades.
How to mix paint colors
To obtain any color by mixing, you need to have three main colors: red, yellow and blue. These three colors are used in the refill cartridges for inkjet printers. It is interesting that these colors cannot be obtained by mixing any other.
To get the right colors and shades, use the following combinations:

red and yellow – orange;

yellow and blue – green;

red and blue – lilac;

red and green – brown;

brown and olive green;

brown and orange - terracotta;

blue and green turquoise;

red, green and blue – black;

brown and yellow – ochre;

red and lilac – pink.
To obtain different shades of colors listed above, you need to mix colors in different proportions:
If yellow, add red, black and a little green, you'll get a mustard color.

If it yellow to add a bit of brown and black, to get the color avocado.

If in the yellow to add a bit of red will turn gold.

If green, add yellow, you get olive green.

Advice 2: How to mix paint

In order to understand how to mix paint, you need to understand the peculiarities of their chemical composition and basic concepts about flowers. Any paint is a mixture of pigment with a binder. The pigment is a powder of mineral substances, which when connected to the special "liquids" acquires the ability to override the basic color of the surface. Most often it is natural dyes.
How to mix paint

To get the hue you need to know the laws of color mixing. The human eye though, and distinguish between hundreds of colors, but actually to highlight only three main colors through which they gain the rest. Red, blue and yellow are basic colors, they are impossible to mix. But United in different proportions and quantity, they are able to create any desired shade.

For example, the combination of blue and yellow you get green, blue and red mix to give a dark blue hue, and by combining equal parts of all three colors to get black. Experimenting with the amount of a particular color, you can endlessly get new shades. We should not forget that the indiscriminate mixing of different dyes leads to the formation of dirty unattractive colors.

  1. Do not mix more than three different colors, as in this case, a "dirty" shade.
  2. Some inks can react chemically with each other, and this is changing their saturation, lightness or hue.
  3. Part of the watercolor paints, such as cobalt blue or cadmium red, in contact with a large amount of water loses its ability to evenly cover the surface.
  4. Gouache paints when dry are often lighter. Also, do not take them out of the jar with brush: wet the pile grabs the paint of different density, and subsequently on the paper and cause unwanted streaks.
  5. You must remember that each color has an infinite number of shades, from cold to warm. Mixing one colour with another gives a completely new one.
  6. White, as a rule, soften the colors, making them more tender and blurred, the black paint dims and Vice versa is much better color.

How to mix paint, you can clearly see by looking at the color wheel, which is at equal distance to each other spaced three main simple colors, they depart for more. This table clearly demonstrates the possibilities and consequences of mixing colors.

Advice 3: How to get olive green

The olive color is today widely used not only by artists but interior designers, fashion designers clothes. Olive is one of the many shades of green. It is quite expressive as color and therefore attracts special attention.
How to get olive green
You will need
  • Paint yellow and green color.
When working with gouache or watercolor you need to prepare small washed clean a container in which is placed the resulting color. Prepare a wooden or plastic stick – for uniform mixing of colors (mix and brush, but greener shades are obtained by using wooden sticks). Read the table of preparation of the scheme (type the appropriate query in the search engine of the Internet and open any displayed link), according to which you will need to get olive to mix yellow and green.
In the prepared capacity carefully place the paint green. Stir well with her little wand. Then small portions add yellow paint, carefully mixing the paint. Try to achieve color uniformity of colour. Follow this algorithm until you get the desired color.
To use this principle not only in drawing but also in painting. Oil, emulsion and latex paint are mixed is not worse than watercolors or gouache. Select the capacity corresponding to a volume of the surface you are going to paint, pour the green paint and just as gradually add yellow to it, stirring carefully until you get the olive color!

Advice 4: How to get the right paint color

To obtain the desired colorand the paint does not necessarily refer to the experts and it can be done independently. You should know a few rules of mixing and a little practice.
How to get the right paint color
Define the desired paint color. Better to find the pattern, and then proceed directly to the mix. A model can serve as bleed cloth or cut out an illustration from a magazine. It is important that the sample was large, because the same color can look different on small and big areas. During operation should always compare what happens on the palette with the sample.
Remember that there are only three basic colors: red, yellow and blue. Other colors are derived. They are obtained by mixing the primary colors with white and black. Warm range is based on mixing yellow and red paints. Adding white to red, to bright pink shade, and a combination of red and yellow and black — brown tones. If you want to get more cool shade, just add a little blue.
In order to make the color darker and to get rid of excessive brightness, use black paint. It requires careful use. When mixing paint in the palette, is enough to touch the black paint with the tip of a dry brush. Pure black does not exist in nature, so before you begin mixing you should put a little paint on a white background. If the resulting black color is guessed dark blue, brown or purple, the paint is better not to use.
The white color is added to achieve a delicate light shades. He needed to create pastel colors: light pink, beige, pistachio shades. When using a large quantity of white paint, rich colors will not be achieved.
Useful advice
Do not use more than three colors, otherwise it can get dirty-gray color.
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