You will need
  • - a palette for putting paint;
  • - gouache;
  • brush;
  • - a glass of water.
Flesh color is a whole group of shades of human skin. Therefore, in each specific case, you may need your own version in Nude. You must clearly understand what color you need to either look at a model. Play this emanates quite difficult, but possible.
Prepare the palette for putting paint and a clean brush. First, place the basis for skin color. To do this, mix a small amount of yellow and red gouache. The red paint you need to add very little to the result was a bright orange color.
To get color very light skin, lay out on the palette a small amount of white gouache and add quite a bit prepared in advance of the base orange color. Add database until then, until you get the desired shade. If the base to add a little more, you can get a flesh color suitable for medium skin tone.
Place on a palette of some number base. Add a bit of red gouache, turning the color orange to reddish. Dip the tip of the brush in the blue paint and add to the previously obtained color. After thorough mixing, the paint must be a solid color of skin darker shade.
To get the dark color of the skin, mix the base color with more red gouache than in the previous step. Add a DAB of black paint and mix thoroughly with gouache.
Nude in French sounds like "karnaze". Later this unusual term has come to be called painting techniques, aimed at obtaining the tone suitable for the image of the human skin. While getting the right color is not only mixing colors on the palette, but multi-layered overlay of different shades on top of each other to obtain the desired color.