You will need
  • - palette;
  • - red paint;
  • - dark blue paint;
  • yellow paint
To color Bordeaux by mixing multiple colors. Classic in the perception of Russians is considered a shade of Burgundy, made up of bright red & dark blue colors, with the addition of a small amount of yellow paint that gives colorfrom the heat. This combination is important for all types of paints – watercolor, gouache, tempera, oil, various types of dyes for fabrics, stained glass paints. If you work with these materials, you need to mix paint on the palette in the correct proportions.
Take the palette some of the red paint, then gradually add the paint dark blue color. As a dark blue component, you can use a paint colors Prussian blue, dark Indigo, ultramarine. Achieve an intermediate shade between red and purple colorAMI. Proportionally this color consists of about three parts red and one part dark blue.
To give color, characteristic warm hue add to received on the palette, mix the paint warm yellow color. It should be a bit. Focus on your colorial perception: derived color should be sufficiently rich and deep, not dirty. Don't turn color in brown. Red color in colore Bordeaux should be predominant.
As a variant of the Burgundy colorand may be a mixture of red and black colors. The proportions will be roughly the same as in a classic combination with dark blue.
If you're doing computer graphics or make the layout of printing products on a computer, to obtain a Burgundy colorand you need to put in the colorroom palette of the graphical editor the following values for the main colors CMYK: C (blue) - 30 M (Magenta) - 100; Y (yellow) - 70; K (black) - 15. Or the second option combinations of the process colors: C - 0; M - 100; Y - 100; K - 31. The latter combination is more characteristic of the colorof vosprijatija Western man and that's what is indicated by the Burgundy color in Western catalogs colors.