The perception of a shade of gray-blue eyes depends on external factors such as weather, the color of the sky or the tone of the environment. You can also emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, varying clothing, makeup, shade of hair.
Decide for yourself what effect you want to achieve. According to your desire eye can be done either pale blue, or cold, metallic edge. If you want to emphasize the blue, wear blue tones. Suitable blue-gray, smoky-blue, denim, turquoise shades. And in the second case, wear clothes of shades of grey. Silvery, ashy, smoky shades will make your eyes to acquire more cold, steel color. Pay attention to the fabric of the clothes you wear. Thin soft materials give the eyes a calm shade, shiny, thick fabric make the tone more dramatic. Also more expressive and give a brightness gray-blue eyes, the patterns on the shoes, clothes, bag, jewelry. Pick up the patterns of one color: blue, light blue-gray and smoky-blue.
Holders of gray-blue eyes are usually blonde hair. If the shade of your eyes is very bright, it is not necessary to dye your hair bright red or dark chestnut color. You will approach a light caramel soft shades, for example light chestnut or Golden blond. Great with light eyes will look new-fangled shade of hair "planet". It is a mixture of blonde and brown, which merge into light brown and honey composition. Remember that hair color for blue eyes should be natural and go well with skin color.
To emphasize blue eyes using makeup. Well with those eyes combined with the following shades of eye shadow: sky blue, sky blue, grayish silver blue, dark blue and ice blue. You can also use (especially for those whose eyes have greenish shade) Golden, copper, watery-blue, yellow, light green, emerald and turquoise shade. Ash-a silver shade will shift the color of your eyes to more grey and pale, and purple, silvery-pink, beige-pink shadow podcherknut their brightness.
Do not use make-up too sharp, contrasting colors. The shade should be slightly darker than your natural eye color. With gray-blue eyes will be perfectly combined shades of the makeup of the type "metallic". Also you can feel free to use all shades of blue and blue colors, combined with blue pencil. For daytime makeup is good for blue and blue tones of light and medium intensity, and brilliant blue hues are perfect for evening. Use light pink or white pencil. In combination with light silvery or bluish shadows, and it will give the eyes expressiveness. Emphasize the outer and inner corners of the eyes. White color looks good in the daytime makeup. It is refreshing gray-blue eyes, and light pink may give them a natural glow.