You will need
  • cancer
  • -milk
  • -knife or small scissors
Before you begin the cooking process of cancer, to clear his bowel. To do this, put cancer in a container of ordinary milk, cover and leave for a few hours. The longer the better. The most optimal leave all night. This cleaning process allows to significantly improve the taste of cancer.
When cancer is prepared according to your chosen recipe, the most important moment comes, before using it in food, cleaning cancer. Expand the cancer so that the neck is pointing up. Carefully with a knife or small scissors to pry the shell on the neck and start to separate it, starting with its connections. Clean the cervix is best not from the tail, and on the other hand, its opposite, where the chitin is softer structure and well separated. Neck cancer called all of his tail. This is the most delicious and easy-to-clean place. The process of cleansing the cervix resembles the cleaning of the shrimp.
After the shell of the neck is cleaned, divide the pulp into two equal parts. Fission is visible black stripe is the intestines and it is not necessary.
Now break off the claws. Cleaned claws in exactly the same way as seeds. Clamp the claw down and push down. The contents of the claws pop out by itself, but the shell of the claws can be thrown out. The easiest clamps to clean teeth and squeeze the contents directly into mouth. The fact that the contents of the claws, and if too liquid, scraping claws, all the contents of the squeeze plate, that is, they will be very difficult. Now all the cancer is cleaned, and the meat can be eaten, and everything else discarded.