You will need
    • fresh raw fish - 1 PC.
Select any of the two methods of removing the skins from fish.
Method 1. Take raw fish, rinse it with water and peel off the scales. This is done with a knife in the opposite direction of the growth of scales. After the cleaned fish on top, start to separate from the skins. Cut the head off a fish. In order to remove the skinwithout damaging it, the so-called stocking and pull the skin from the base of the head towards the tail, like off the stocking inside out. If in some places the separation of the skin from fish is difficult, cut the knife. Incisions are usually made in a circle as skin. Cleaning the fish this way, please note that it must be an integer, neotrogena. Having reached the tail, just cut it with skin. This method is suitable for separating the skins from pike.
Method 2.Wash the fish in cold running water to release it from the scales. With a knife gently remove the gills and cut the fins. Head Express. Cut the belly of the fish throughout its length. Pull out all the innards with your hands, sometimes helping with a knife to scrape off the abdominal bone. Carefully cut out the backbone. The skin scrape, or a knife or a spoon. Thus, the skin is very easy to remove without damaging the meat. Removing the skin, the fish can be stuffed and stitched up the contents of the thread. After preparing a thread, of course, should be removed.