Any fish, including carp, try to clean as early as possible, it is better immediately after catching it. If handle carp does not work, then freeze them, wrapped in plastic wrap. Then the surface, the fish will not freeze and will retain moisture, and the scales will be easier to clean after thawing.
The fish do not slip out of your hands, secure it on a cutting Board with a second knife. Just plug it into the base of the tail. You can still use a special Board with a clip to hold fish. Or wear gloves of cotton fabric, they are much easier to hold slippery carp.
Cut the fins. This is more convenient to use scissors. After starting to remove the scales toward the head. This can be done with a blunt knife, a fork or special tool for cleaning fish. The scales of the carp are large, usually loosely held in the skin and can be easily removed. Cut off the tail.
Rinse the cleaned carp and make an incision along the abdomen. Remove the innards, but be careful with the gall bladder. If the bile will spill, you have to spend soaking carcasses, otherwise the fish will taste bitter. Remove gills. Cut off the head, if you don't want to cook the fish whole.
Cook of carp fish broth or sauté them. If you are going to cook the fish immediately, then store it in the freezer, wrapped in cellophane. This way you will prevent the spread fishy smell around the fridge.