You will need
  • - tackle;
  • - the lure;
  • bait.
Going on a fishing trip, prepare canned corn, peas, potatoes, bread, feed. This is what biting carp. For catching of a crucian is suitable for virtually all but the most successful fishing is obtained in the case if the bait you will use the manure worm or steamed barley.
The best season for catching carp and carp is considered summer, when the fish is in shallow water and does not go deeper than 5 meters. As soon as the days become cool, the carp and the carp go deeper than 10 meters and catching them is almost impossible.
On clear days, catch carp and carp float rod with a length of 4-4,5 meters. Have to be soft, durable, simple hooks. Can use telescopic rods. However, the snap-in depends on your physical capabilities.
Before sunrise liberally sprinkle egg feed. Fish will rise to the smell. For bait, use canned corn, peas or manure worm. Worms best bite carp.
If you fish in the spring, you can catch very large fish, which cannot be removed without the use of a net, so when training camp don't forget to take it with you. This is especially true if you are fishing from the boat.
And carp, and carp only bite in the early morning or evening. To sit on the beach day in anticipation of the bite is completely useless. Not going fishing, if there is bad weather or prolonged heat with air temperatures above 27 degrees, wait for quiet and clear weather with a temperature not above 23 degrees.
Don't forget that illegal methods of fishing any kind of fish is prohibited. To poaching a snap to apply to the network, screen, cradle, TV. This method can only be used if you are fishing on your private pond or are licensed for commercial fishing.