Advice 1: How to smoke carp

Smoking fish on an industrial scale requires quite complex equipment and is a time-consuming process. If your goal is to try a delicacy and treat your home, it can be done by simple means, for example, in the country, where a little smoke from the smoker don't disturb anyone.
How to smoke carp
You will need
    • 5 kg of fresh carp;
    • 3 tbsp. coarse salt;
    • 7 liters of water;
    • brown sugar;
    • smokehouse;
    • sawdust of foliage trees.
Wash and clean the fish, remove the innards with a spoon scrape off the dark strip along the inside of the spinal bones, the blunt side of a knife, remove the film from the inside. Have the fish fillets, removing all bones, skin leave.
Prepare the brine by mixing 1.5 cups of table salt with 3,5 litres of water (water should totally cover the meat), add some brown sugar to give the dish a sweet taste. Place the fillets in a deep bowl and cover with brine. Cover the bowl with a towel and leave in the refrigerator or in a cool place overnight. Remove the fillets from the brine, rinse well with fresh water, dry it with a napkin and leave to dry for half an hour.
Prepare the smoker: take the stainless steel bucket, set inside the lattice, one at a height of 1/3 of the bucket, the other 2/3 of the bucket, pick up or fabricate a dense cover to the bucket. Prepare a fire pit and a stand to set the smoker on it.
Soak for 1 hour sawdust or wood chips of deciduous trees. For use in the smokehouse fit cherry wood, Apple, juniper, hazel, beech, oak, alder, maple, Linden, ash, elm, willow, poplar, aspen, or birch (bark of trees must not fall into the sawdust). Sprinkle the sawdust with a layer of 1.5–2 cm to the bottom of the smokehouse, put the fillet on the grate, set them inside, close the lid, set the smokehouse on fire. Smoking lasts for at least 40 minutes, the fish is considered safe for human consumption, if the inside temperature of the carcass was kept at 80oC at least an hour, the temperature in the smokehouse is about 105-120C.
The fish is ready, remove from the smoker, let cool, wrap in paraffin paper and store in the refrigerator no more than two weeks, serve chilled on the second or third day after cooking. Freeze smoked fish, if you want to store it more than two weeks.

Advice 2: How to pickle carp

Fish, processed table salt has a special taste properties. For pickling, you can use different ways - dry and wet, warm and cold. The taste will be different, depending on the salt content. Carp can be krupnosortnyj, srednetagelami, salted.
How to pickle carp
Caught fish gut, rinse with water, RUB with salt. Prepare an enamel bowl, place the carcass layers, each row will proselyte.
Close the bowl flat lid or a plate, press load, use the three-liter jar with water. Leave the fish in a cool place 10-12 hours you will see the juice, leave it until after the salting. After 4 days, remove the yoke, remove the carcass and rinse under cold running water. The Ambassador called warm freshly caught carp.
Consider the size of the fish. Carcasses less than 100 grams. will be ready in 2-3 days, medium (100-250 g.) for 5-10 days, big gutted (500-800 g) for 3-6 days, prostowanie large for 7-10 days.
For small fish use a dry Ambassador, just pour the carcass with salt. As dishes take baskets or boxes. The juice that forms during pickling to drain.
If you have larger items - from 2 kg and more, disembowel them, respektuje, make the incisions and cover them with salt. Carp lay skin-side down, drain the juice periodically.
Steep salted fish in cold water. Carcasses should be completely covered with liquid. Leave them for 30-40 minutes, then remove, remove scales, rinse and cut into pieces. If the fish turned out selenaselena, keep it 4-6 hours, change the water periodically.
Kramaley Ambassador is more than 14% salt content; srednebelaya Ambassador - 10-14%; salted to 10%. If you brine frozen fish, the method will be called cold.
Salt Karpov mixed way. Gutted fish, RUB with salt and pour tuzluca. Tasoluk is a saturated salt solution. The resulting meat will not only tender, but juicy.
Useful advice
To when cleaning the scales flew to the side, clean soaking the fish in cold water. The scales take a special knife or regular spatula.

Advice 3: What fish are best smoked

Alluring with their appetizing look and delicious smell of smoked fish is one of the most popular and delicious snacks. Despite the fact that modern stores offer a fairly wide range of ready-made product, many lovers of this dish I prefer to smoke fish on their own.
What fish are best smoked

What types of fish are suitable for Smoking

Smoking is suitable for almost any fish, but the true connoisseurs still give preference to such species as bullhead, burbot, perch, river, track, bream, capelin, carp, perch, tench and eel. All these species have thick scales, so their skin is in the process of heat treatment crack. Perfect for Smoking fish is the mackerel.

There are two ways of Smoking fish: cold and hot. Now, any one can choose to prepare mackerel, sturgeon, herring, cod and sea bass. Exclusively be cold smoked mackerel, salmon, mullet, white salmon, Shemaiah, sockeye and Chinook salmon. But the sturgeon, giant catfish, bream, perch, Baltic herring, whitefish, cod, flounder and Pollock better smoke using hottest technology.

Rules of selection of fish for Smoking

In addition to species of fish during Smoking should take into account some other factors such as product size, its weight, the degree of fish freshness, etc.

Experienced fishermen recommend to smoke only fresh, or as they are called, a drowning fish. Although can be smoked and frozen product, but only under the condition that the freezing process proceeded very quickly, and fish before that never thawed. Frozen fish that are sold in stores, Smoking is not suitable, because its quality is sometimes very doubtful and totally incompatible with the rules of safe cooking.

Smoking fits both large and small fish. Importantly, the selected items were as bold. Of course, it is desirable that simultaneous Smoking exposed fish of the same species and of approximately the same size. In this case, she and salted, and prokatitsya most evenly.

Gut the fish weighing up to 400 g is not necessary. It should be easy to pickle, and then smoke the whole thing. Bream and carp, weighing less than 750 g, also smoked a whole without gutting. If the weight of your chosen fish varies from 1 to 3 kg, and you want to smoke it hot, the product is better to clean from the inside, without touching the scales and leaving the head. During cold Smoking the average size and weight of the fish to further processing may not be subject.

Particularly large specimens before Smoking be sure to gut and split into layers. A fish it is advisable to divide lengthwise into two halves so that each part of the carcass had pollhost and a half of head.

Stored smoked fish can be quite long. However, if you have prepared a lot of snacks, put it in the fridge, pre folded to the fish layers and separating each instance from the adjacent sheet of clean paper. To be used for storage of smoked fish sealed containers or snack simply choking on its own fumes.

Advice 4: How to smoke fish smoked

Cold Smoking is called because of the fact that occurs at a temperature of 28-35 degrees for 1 to 4 days, depending on the size of the fish. Smoked fish smoke produced by the combustion of sawdust from wood. Before you start Smoking it is necessary to conduct preparatory activities.
How to smoke fish smoked
You will need
    • Fish
    • salt
    • water
    • smokehouse
    • sawdust
    • raw juniper branches.
Gut the fish, i.e., remove all the insides. It is also recommended to remove the gills. Get full bleeding, otherwise on the carcass of smoked fish can be blood stains. The scales can not be removed.
Salt the fish. To do this, first make an 8% salt solution: 100 ml of water, take 8 grams of salt. The volume of solution depends on the number of fish. Put the fish in this solution. It should be fully covered by the solution, and it should not be too many in one tank, otherwise the fish will sasalita not completely. So leave it at room temperature for about 12 hours.
Salted fish otmachivat in fresh water for 1-2 days at a temperature of 12 degrees. To maintain this temperature by using ice. When soaking of fish removes all the excess salt that may be present, for example, in the upper layers of the carcass. Salt the fish evenly.
Hang the fish on metal hooks or rope and dry with warm air for about a day. She has slightly podelitsya.
Then proceed directly to the cold Smoking. There are special smoke house, but if necessary, you can do it yourself in an old barn with a height of 1.5 – 2 meters. Fish should be hung as high as possible. Before Smoking in a bucket build a fire from wood sawdust of alder or aspen. The pine wood is not recommended, because for her smoked fish will have a bitter taste. When the bucket goes out the flame and would go out to smoke, put it under the fish. At the initial stage of Smoking you need to follow a constant supply of smoke to the fish. Not to the flames, it can turn Smoking from cold to hot. In the end you may add raw juniper branches, their smoke has antimicrobial properties, thanks to which the fish moldy, and the longer kept.
Let the fish after Smoking hang for about 2 days without a smoke, it's a bit Padalitsa and become even tastier.
Large carcasses can before Smoking cut into pieces.
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