But the real alcoholics firmly believe in his strength of will and continue to insist that they can quit drinking on their own, citing many of the reasons that justify drunkenness. Therefore, the family must cease to indulge the weaknesses of the addict and encourage him to see a specialist.
First, stop covering alcoholic, because the family almost always ignores the problem, to shield it and protect it from problems. Therefore, you no longer need to cover up man from his superiors or friends, allowing the alcoholic to independently face the consequences of his drunkenness. And now, in the moments when he is clearly aware of the problems caused by alcoholism, you need to start talking about the possible solutions to the problem.
Talk about treatment gently but regularly, placing this idea in the brain of the patient. Most importantly, do not push him, because the alcoholic is a weak person, and in any case not to start a conversation about the treatment at the time of his intoxication. It is important to remember that the treatment will only succeed if there is sincere desire of the patient.
Don't intimidate an alcoholic, do not force him to make a choice, because, most likely, he will not be in your favor. People in the condition of stress will act rashly, so it is wiser just to tell us about his attitude to the problem and what you see out. It is not necessary to question and discuss it, you just need to put the person before the fact.
As additional support, attract friends that are trusted by the alcoholic. Especially effective is the support of friends, cope with alcohol addiction, the main thing that they genuinely wanted to help the sick. And most importantly, you need to have a clear plan of action in order not to get lost in the moment when the alcoholic will agree to treatment.