Choose to talk the "right" time. It is not necessary to start conversation and persuasion, if the person is drunk or is in a state of hangover. The conversation appropriate after another of the problems associated with alcohol (drunken money, broken car, a scandal with the neighbors, etc.). Make sure that an alcoholic is not inflated, is located in a peaceful mood, and conform themselves to the same sample – be calm, balanced, confident in their rightness. Avoid whiny notes in the voice and words to the conscience.
Be specific and objective in communicating with the alcoholic. Tell him what he really complicates the lives of loved ones. Give specific facts or remind him if he forgot about something during a binge. Convey to him my concern and anxiety on the fact of his drunkenness, note that willing to help and support him in the fight against disease. Let them know that you will not leave him because you love, but insist on treatment. It is because like.
Remove yourself from the role of rescuer. If you have repeatedly had to rescue the alcoholic from unpleasant situations, then the decision to convince him of the need of treatment you should stop all rescue efforts. The type of slip it in a deranged view of home from the street, separating his superiors, the distribution of its debts to creditors, etc. Let him know that it will be always. Be steadfast in your decision. Give him to decide from now on all troubles related to alcohol use.
Collect and provide alcoholic accurate and extensive information about modern treatment of alcoholism. Read together, articles, reviews, recommendations. Go on reception to the psychiatrist together (don't be ashamed if you decided to save a loved one). If he rests and does not want to go to counseling, try to invite the psychiatrist back home. Tell the alcoholic that this visit is anonymous in nature, i.e. neither the neighbours nor colleagues do not know the guest was in your home.
If the alcoholic does not want to listen to your persuasion, away from the conversation, try to call for help his family, relatives, friends, colleagues. Select the one whose opinion he listens, appreciates it and respects it. Well, if the environment of the alcoholic is the person in the recent past, too much drinking, but to get rid of this addiction because I had a course of treatment. Generally "friends by misfortune" listen to each other as to lie in vain, and to persuade them to nothing. The more people will Express the alcoholic his concern about his woes, the more often there will be conversations about treatment, the better. Man, it would be difficult to prove to you your, in his view, is wrong about his behavior.
Never stand in front of an alcoholic conditions you are not willing to perform. For example, many women scare men to divorce, but they are not going to get a divorce. Put conditions, but only those that you really can make: don't cook him dinner, do not wash his underwear, not to lie to his leadership or his mother. But remember, it costs you time to step away from his decision, as an alcoholic will understand that you are not solid in its intentions, and will continue with impunity to do what he wants, and all of your conditions and threats will be zero cost.
Think of yourself and in no case do not blame yourself for what your loved one has become an alcoholic, which is characteristic of many women. Search for communicating with people experiencing a similar situation, they will understand you, than those whose lives are happy and serene (next to them you can feel aggrieved, deprived, and there is not far to full of complex and protracted depression, and then you certainly will not be able to help your loved one). Don't forget to love yourself to indulge from time to time, to follow him. Don't drop your Hobbies, a hobby. Life with an alcoholic is difficult, but that is life, and only depends on you how it goes.