Advice 1: How to cure alcoholism

Everyone who is in the official medicine recognizes an alcoholic, does not consider itself as such, and therefore refuses to undergo the procedure treatment. There are several basic recommendations where to start alcoholism treatment, and what efforts it would require.
How to cure alcoholism

  1. A key parameter in the treatment of alcoholism is considered to be psychological support for the alcoholic members of his family. The desire of relatives to help should not be confined to the pressure on the patient. Every close person should have strong nerves and great strength of will, combined with the patience to go all the way to the recovery with the sick and cure alcoholism.

  2. The elementary inducement to coding from alcoholism should not be. An alcoholic must realize the value of coding procedures to understand what is necessary first of all to him. If the power to force a person to cure alcoholism, according to the facts, the statistics, after time of coding, the alcoholic returns to drinking. The relative should be unobtrusive and explain to the patient the benefits of coding, the effects of binges and disappointing data of alcoholism in the country.

  3. Many hospitals do not code person, if he could not refrain from alcohol for 3 to 5 days. How to make alcoholic to stop drinking? First, it is necessary persistently to ask to be removed from the homes of friends who drink a patient, to limit his visits with them. If you cannot bring alcoholic of the binge, can be invited to the house of the psychiatrist, which after the appropriate procedures, will stop the process of drinking. After three days of abstinence as soon as possible to send a large to the clinic for the coding to change my mind and again not to drink.

  4. After encoding, family members should control their drinking. For this it is necessary to strictly monitor the amount of alcohol in the house. It should be remembered that the type of alcoholic beverage may return the patient to his addiction.

  5. Should do freed from drinking time patient in any hobby - a visit to the cinema, collecting, sports. Attention, affection and support important alcohol addicted at the time of his rehabilitation.

To try to bring the alcoholic of the binge and to encode the dependence is the total effort of all family members. These simple tips will help you keep your family safe, returning to its fold a healthy person, and the patient – to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Advice 2 : What a way to treat alcoholism is to choose

Most often, the consumption of large doses of alcohol dependent people with mental and physical coercion. Usually, it is not subject to their will, but still there is a possibility to stop this process and preserve the abstinence.
What a way to treat alcoholism is to choose

Treatment of alcohol dependence

Since alcoholism has become one of the biggest social problems in the world, he is the subject of numerous studies, which lead to the discovery of effective ways to get rid of this disease.

If you don't know how to choose a treatment program for alcoholism, you must understand the rigid rules of choice does not exist. No one will be able to say with certainty about what's best for the alcoholic, it all depends on the degree of addiction, as well as the individual characteristics and needs of the person.

To decide on the method of dealing with addiction, get you better acquainted with some of the most effective psychological programs for the treatment of alcoholism.

The group Alcoholics Anonymous is probably the best known and most effective method of treatment for substance abuse.

Motivational therapy is also quite useful in dealing with alcohol addicted. This type of treatment, usually carried out by a qualified psychologist and is aimed at finding together with the patient the most motivating reasons to quit drinking.

Behavioral therapy - this type of therapy focuses on finding the causes of disease and developing joint methods of struggle with it.

In addition, the psychological programs include conspiracies, hypnosis, prayer, and coding.


The most effective treatments for alcohol dependence

In addition to psychological methods of eliminating alcohol addiction, there are physical. These include drug therapy. The patient is given oral medications, which can be divided into three groups. The first group includes tools that facilitate alcohol withdrawal (abstinence) syndrome. It can be "my periodic sharpening", "Body" or even ordinary aspirin and paracetamol. However, the intake of these drugs helps to fight alcoholism, but only takes a morning hangover, and the evening one is able again to drink alcohol.

Drugs of the second group is specially designed to remove the rod to alkogolesoderzhaschey product. Among the Russian meds are "Proproten-100", but it was often used not for treatment of addiction, and the withdrawal of a person from binge.

The most effective are drugs that cause alcohol intolerance. It can be drugs such as "Esperal", "Disulfiram", "Lievin" or "MCPFE". Often after taking these drugs, people consume alcohol, it begins to initiate discomfort, he develops nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

In addition to using psychological or physical method of struggle against alcoholism, physicians practice and integrated treatment in a hospital, including procedures, eliminating physical dependence, and psychological impact on the patient. Such treatment can lead to full refusal of alcohol, but it takes a few months.

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