Of course, it's not as terrible as drug addiction, but alcohol is also people are dying, and the statistics are very disappointing. Alcoholics themselves do not understand that their condition is an illness, they recognize that they are ill and believe that at any moment can throw. What are the only ways to close people not trying to help the alcoholic! Hide the money, beg, cry, pour in the food, drugs use doctors. But, in most cases, the desired result they did not achieve it.

What should I do? The first thing to understand — it is impossible to cure a person forcibly as alcoholic, and drug addict. These dependences are somewhat similar to each other. Even if you asked for help from professionals, the first step to a sober life needs to make himself sick.

Scientists have found that alcohol is not comparable with the craving for pleasures. Some alcoholics like the chain of sensations, from the beginning of intoxication until completion — inevitable hangover. Drinkers always justify himself, blaming his wife, son, work. As they say, to shift the blame on others. Often, wives whose husbands drink, indulge them in everything, regret and resolve their problems. Recently even coined the term "the wife of an alcoholic" woman is doomed to suffer all his life.

In order to recover from alcoholism, you need to quit drinking completely. If a person who had recovered from alcoholism will drink at least a SIP, the treatment can be considered futile.

The most effective remedy of alcoholism is today considered to be medical coding from alcoholism – the patient consents to its use, as in the body the drugs are injected, which upon detection of alcohol molecules make the human body experience various difficulties (pain, nausea, allergic reactions). Psychotherapeutic coding of alcoholism is different, the encoding process occurs at the level of the hypnotic intervention, but this method is not so effective as the previous one.