First, use persuasion techniques. Try to convince him that alcohol is destroying his life. Be patient, find out what can distract him from alcohol. Try to awaken the drinker interest to any lesson.
Stop to do something for the drinking of a loved one. Not solve his problem. Give him to get out of different situations. Drinking the man himself must be responsible for their actions. Many of them are able to experience the pangs of conscience, seeing the results of his drunkenness.
Do not scold him when he's drunk. Wait for the right moment for communication. Aggression and threats will not force a person to quit drinking.
Say only what you can actually accomplish. If you said it another booze will lead to the breakup, then keep your word. Your indecision and acquiescence would cause the alcoholic to break his promise not to drink.
Gather as much information as possible about all treatment options. Learn about the pros and cons of each method. Tell us about them in detail suffering from alcoholism person.
Engage to influence the drinking of a relative of important people for him. Perhaps the words of close friends will be more significant. Use any help such people to get to stop drinking man. Completely eliminate the visits, where possible the use of alcohol.
Suffering from alcohol addiction should realize that he is sick. At this moment he is especially important is your support.
Independently stop to drink alcohol in most cases impossible. In the body of the alcoholic metabolism is disturbed and he loses control over the amount consumed. In this case you need to contact an experienced doctor-psychiatrist. Experienced specialists will select an individual treatment.
If you do care about drinking person, walk with him the path of recovery from alcoholism to the end. Rejoice in his victory. It needs to understand what you've been missing when drinking alcohol. Help him find alternative ways to relax. Support can be provided in alcoholics anonymous.