Advice 1: How to sew a bandana

Bandana – a scarf made of a light fabric used as a headdress among bikers and rockers, and other subcultures. As a fabric for its manufacture are typically used linen, cotton, patterned or plain.
How to sew a bandana
Before sewing will determine the future size of the bandanas. For this obmerte head from the base of the skull through the line of the forehead to the starting point. Add to the result of 5-7 cm and get the side length of the bandana. Can increase the size to the required.
Consider the figure, which decorate the bandana. Better pick up the ornament or figure with few colors and details, for example, a flower with five petals and three leaves. Every detail of the figure cut out of paper and set aside.
On the plain cotton fabric draw a square with sides calculated in the previous step. Cut with a small (5 mm.) seam.
The edge of the fabric fold and handle special garter stitch. This is best done on the machine, the joints were not smooth and took a lot of effort.
Take the pieces of coloured suede and attach them to the cut part of the picture. Trace and cut out without seam.
Glue or pristrochite details suede of an application to the bandana. Be careful with the inside seams were as smooth as on the face, and the adhesive does not accumulate. When the glue is dry, bandana will be ready.

Advice 2 : How to sew a bandana kerchief

Bandana is a handkerchief, which is knotted in a special way and worn on the head. Sew it with your hands very easily. When choosing fabric for a bandana you can turn it in a Gypsy shawl, and a sweet Flirty scarf.
How to sew a bandana kerchief
You will need
  • -cotton fabric
  • -2 grommets
  • -2 piece fleece
  • -leather laces
  • -beads
Cut 2 squares of size 50 by 50 cm At two opposite corners glued a piece of fleece for the strength of the fabric.
Put the squares face in. Stitch, leaving a small hole. Gut-wrenching, hole nametype, outlive. Attracive handkerchief edges. Undo delete.
Into the corners with interlining to insert the grommets. If you don't have special tools, contact the shop. The hole is threaded leather laces, decorate with beads, coins, etc.
This bandana is worn folded diagonally. Wrap around the head and knotted the drawstring.
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