Advice 1: How to sew a hijab

The hijab is a normal loose clothing that hides a woman's body almost completely. According to Muslim tradition, any bends of a woman's body should not be seen by prying eyes. In order to have got a true traditional Islamic dress, you must not only comply with the technology of tailoring, which is very simple, but also to ensure that your suit is answered to a number of conditions.
How to sew a hijab
Calculating the amount of fabric for the hijab, keep in mind that it will take 2 human growth and about 50 centimeters in length.
When choosing colors, remember that the hijab is not a piece of jewelry, just clothes. It is not meant to attract men's attention to the beauty of the woman wearing it. So do not buy fabric any too bright colors, more sparkling and shining material. Decorations and brighter clothing Islamic women are allowed, but only within their own homes and in the presence of relatives.
Buying the fabric, pay attention to its density. What is the fabric thicker, the better, with prefer natural fibers, because the hijab is supposed to "breathe".
Sew the hijab is very casual. The average width of the patterns on a woman, 42-th size greater than 90 cm each shelf. Hoping the pattern, downloaded from the world wide web, it is necessary to add a few extra inches: as practice shows, the Internet model sin malomernogo obtained hijab often simply small.
If you sew the hijab with pants, remember that the cut of the pants, like men, will not work. Women's clothing should be feminine. Please note that traditionally, the pants long dresses on 10-15 centimeters.
Measure the length that stretches from one wrist to the wrist of the other hand, although better measurements start from the fingertips. Place the measuring tape on the back. Calculate and make pattern.
Fold the two parts of the workpiece, cut the neck, zakruglenie bottom, vsheyte zip. For the treatment of neck and bottom can use the bias tape or decorative tape.
The smell of perfumes in Islamic clothing is forbidden. So if you are going to wear the hijab, do not use special flavors.

Advice 2 : How to sew men's trousers

Pants – a mandatory element of the male wardrobe. To diversify it you can staple the pants themselves. Classic trousers, you can make any business ensemble.
How to sew men's trousers
You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Select a fabric for pants. Suit Trouser fabrics of wool or mixed fibres. Cutting two front and rear halves of the trousers and two piping pockets as well as belt and otcasek. From lining fabric manufacture four parts neskowin pockets. Sew Darts in the back half and zautyuzhte them towards the middle line of the seam. Follow the side seams. The entrances to the pockets, leave open.
On the facing of each pocket sewn straight inner cut. Baste the facing to one of the burlap and sew on the inner slice. Then put the two burlap allowances of the pocket from the wrong side of the pants. The burlap with the pin facing to the rear half, and burlap without it to the front. Sew the burlap on the line of the side seam above and below the entrance to the pocket, tight to the seam. Zautyuzhte burlap forward, sew and baste under the front half of the pants.
Sew stepper slices and slices of the mark slit for the zipper on the zipper to the seam. Vsheyte zipper. Sew the waistband to the upper cut of the pants. When you do this, sew the seam allowance under the zipper to otasco. Zautyuzhte seam allowances on the waistband. Fold it in half along the inner face inward. Fold the allowances along the lower cut belt up. Remove the belt, sew the ends of its short cuts and turn.
Aside from the line mid-on 8.5 cm in both directions and make marks for the drawstring. Tuck the inner half of the belt between the marks and baste over the seam protecive zone. From the front of the pants stretch drawstring lay the stitching in the seam of protecive zone.
Pass the elastic band, the ends of which are scribbled at the labels. Topstitch the inner cut zone. At one end of the belt sewn loop on the other sew a button. Zautyuzhte allowances on the hem of the hem on the wrong side and sew by hand. Sew the belt loops for a belt.

Advice 3 : What is hijab

In accordance with the religious foundations of Islam a woman is obliged to hide his body from prying eyes. This function performs the traditional clothing of Muslim women - hijab, tightly closing a forehead, hair, chin and all the rest of the body, except the hands and face. Most often, the hijab is called only the handkerchief.
What is hijab

What is a Muslim wear hijab?

Hijab is not the headscarf that women of the West tie their hair or neck. This is the traditional Muslim women's clothing. In European countries, the word also refers to a scarf covering your head, shoulders and breast of a woman. But under Islamic rules of hijab is not a handkerchief, but in clothes that completely cover woman's body, except the hands and face or only the eyes.
In Arabic language the word "hijab" means "partition," "barrier", "hide", "obstacle".

The main thing to consider when choosing such clothing is that the outfit should be free, not inhibit movement. But it needs to completely cover all parts of the body, except what is permitted.

How to be a hijab?

The hijab is, first and foremost, a symbol of modesty and spiritual purity. Despite the fact that his coloring is not limited in color, there are strict rules for that and certain norms. The hijab can be any color, both light and dark shades. However, it is not allowed colored scarves that look glaringly bright.
The basic law of Islam (Sharia) requires that the ears and hair of Muslim women were hidden from prying eyes.

It is also not recommended to wear the hijab with geometric patterns. This traditional Muslim clothing should be plain and not flashy.

Another condition is the fabric from which sewn the hijab should be tight. In any case can not be used for fabrication of a transparent material. After all, the main feature of this outfit is to hide the woman's body from prying eyes. So, the translucent cloth cannot be used.
Some modern Muslim women believe that hijab helps to protect hair from harmful environmental influences.

There are several options right of wearing hijab. You can't go wrong if you tie the traditional Arab scarf as follows. Throw a hijab on her head so that it covers the hair and forehead. Forming smooth folds of the handkerchief at the level of the temples, the lower ends of the hijab down. The ends of your scarf should be a different length. The short end of the twist around pre-assembled in the tuft of hair on his head. The longer end of the hijab cross to a short flip over the shoulder. In order to fix the shawl, you can use pins.
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