Calculating the amount of fabric for the hijab, keep in mind that it will take 2 human growth and about 50 centimeters in length.
When choosing colors, remember that the hijab is not a piece of jewelry, just clothes. It is not meant to attract men's attention to the beauty of the woman wearing it. So do not buy fabric any too bright colors, more sparkling and shining material. Decorations and brighter clothing Islamic women are allowed, but only within their own homes and in the presence of relatives.
Buying the fabric, pay attention to its density. What is the fabric thicker, the better, with prefer natural fibers, because the hijab is supposed to "breathe".
Sew the hijab is very casual. The average width of the patterns on a woman, 42-th size greater than 90 cm each shelf. Hoping the pattern, downloaded from the world wide web, it is necessary to add a few extra inches: as practice shows, the Internet model sin malomernogo obtained hijab often simply small.
If you sew the hijab with pants, remember that the cut of the pants, like men, will not work. Women's clothing should be feminine. Please note that traditionally, the pants long dresses on 10-15 centimeters.
Measure the length that stretches from one wrist to the wrist of the other hand, although better measurements start from the fingertips. Place the measuring tape on the back. Calculate and make pattern.
Fold the two parts of the workpiece, cut the neck, zakruglenie bottom, vsheyte zip. For the treatment of neck and bottom can use the bias tape or decorative tape.