You will need
  • Knit or Terry cloth.
It is known that the traditional Indo-Asian and African peoples turban or turban is a male or a female headdress in the form of a piece of cloth wrapped around her head. The name comes from the shape of the headdress, resembling a Tulip flower. Traditional turbans will need at least 7 meters of fabric, we will try to do a small piece of knitwear.
You have to work out and to sew a turban for the home. Any Terry, waffle fabric, cotton knit. You'll wonder how you could ever do without turbans.Apply cream, makeup, cooking fish or pancakes. A turban will save your hair from unnecessary smells and dirt.
You will need a piece of cloth with a size of 45 cm (co) by 70 cm this piece is cut for a string of 4-5 cm by 70 cm. Fold, stitch. Ready-made lace width 1 cm For home turban you can use regular gum.We have a rectangle with sides 40 to 70. With one of the long sides make a double hem at least 1.5 cm for ready-made cord ties. Insert the cord.
Fold the item in half. Try.If you want to tie was in the front, Kruglaya at a height of 5-10 cm from the ties of the resulting angle. Open the slice details are treated with serger or zigzag stitching bulk and knitted fabrics.Again, fold in half and stitch. Go through this seam wide stitching process the threads and assemble the joint in the Assembly. Try, if you need to distribute the assemblies manually. It now remains only to fix beautiful build of a common seam or manually if you prefer deep pleats. Beautifully tie your Shoe. Before turban can be decorated with flowers, a bow or a buckle covered with the same fabric.
If you want to tie back, respectively, folding the item in half, make the fillet on the opposite ends of the lace side. Pleats also lay in the direction of the ends of the ties are in the back and on the front of the turban.Be sure to analyze whether there is a need to increase or decrease the pattern of the turbans, on the basis of head size, length and volume of hair.It remains only to choose and buy (or contrasting) color to your other fabric accessories. To repeat the already known actions. Less than an hour of work and your turban are ready.Looks great turban of thick smooth shiny knitwear or other easily draped fabric.
Wear a turban, and no bad weather will not deprive you of femininity, elegance and mystery.