You will need
  • Paper for patterns, pencil, ruler, centimeter, pieces of felt for hats wedges, wool yarn, needle or awl, scissors.
Make pattern hats for sauna, this tailor's meter and measure the head circumference, for whom you sew the hat. The width of the wedge is calculated, the circumference of your head, divide by four and add one inch, the height of the wedge - the circumference of your head, divide by four and add two or more inches depending on how tall you want the hat to sew. Draw on paper an isosceles triangle according to your size and zakruglenie his ribs.
Cut out the pattern from paper. In order to be able to use it a few times and for ease of outlining, glue it to cardboard. If you sew a hat with a brim or visor, draw them on the pattern - fields on all four wedges, and a visor consisting of two parts, on two. To felt put a pattern and draw around it with a pencil. Cut four items of hats from felt.
If you took a thick felt, then sew the wedges to each other can butt joint the colourful thread. If you are using a thinner felt, then sew the decorative stitch on the front side. The material felt tight not loose and decorative seams, made in contrasting thread, look at it very organically.
In the top of the beanie vsheyte striped felt, or a beautiful lace for that your product can be hung on a hanger in the bath. On the edge of the field hats sew a nice ribbon or braid, you can do a simple flower for decoration. Make the application of different colored pieces of felt or embroider the ornament.
If you sew a hat for men, embroider his name or compliment. If the cap is designed for women, decorate with flowers, embroidered with beads or sequins. But do not overload the product with a variety of decorative elements - it is designed to protect the hair and scalp, not for a fashion show.