You will need
  • - pattern,
  • - material
  • - beads,
  • - threads,
  • - needle,
  • - elastic or ribbon.
For making patterns you will need a pencil, eraser, album sheet and scissors. Draw on thick paper suitable for the size of the Eyecup. Cut it out with scissors.
You will need three pieces of thick cloth of the color you like best and fit to suit. The bandage does not have to be black. Wash, dry and iron the prepared patches. Put the pattern on one of them on the reverse side, trace it, if the material is dark, the contour of a small piece of dry soap with thin edges. Cut out with scissors. Do the same with the remaining pieces of material.
Put the prepared parts of the Eyecup on each other and sew a very neat seam sheathing. Ensure that the front side is not visible nodules and not sticking out the ends of the thread.
To the finished part need to sew two small metal rings to thread them on a ribbon or thin elastic band that you tie around the head. If rings are not available, you can sew the ends of the ropes directly to the edges of the Eyecup.
Now you can decorate pirate headbands with embroidery and feathers. Determine whether you want your beaded embroidered the entire outer surface of the Eyecup, or only partially. What pattern you want to embroider. If you embroider a pattern, then you can transfer it to a cloth bandage.
If you're heading to a costume party, a disco or a fancy date, the girl–pirates can decorate the bandage was thin feathers. To do this, put glue on the space left between the stitches of the seam sheathing, and slip under one of the layers of fabric, the ends of the feathers. Wait until the glue dries.
Put on the bandage, check whether it is convenient to adjust the length of the ribbon and the density of the pressure bandage on the eye.