You will need
  • hard mesh
  • a variety of bright and embroidered fabrics
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
Sew the base for a turban made of rigid mesh, giving it the shape of the skullcap. The circumference of the workpiece should be 2 cm to exceed the circumference of your head. Cut a rectangle the desired length of mesh, fold it, and to its upper edge, attach the circle mesh, making small folds along the edge, so it seemed convex.
Obsheyte edge of the "cap" regalena. Then cut several strips of rigid rigilene and glue them with glue gun to the future turban, forming a crisscrossing arc. Arc should form a semicircle.
Take a strip of soft dressy fabric and drape it around the workpiece, securing with a stapler or glue. Between the mesh and the cloth place a layer of batting to fill the void. The lower edge of the turban beautiful drapery panel from a different cloth, or bright band.
Velvet will have plenty of wide strip, the length of which is equal to the circumference of the turbans. Tuck it inside and stitch together to make a "tube" of fabric. In the middle assemble the rectangular fabric sleeve on a string and tighten it, forming an Assembly.
At equal distances from the midpoint to make two more assemblies. If the sleeve of tissue has been too long, clip back, and beautifully drape the loose tail of fabric. The edges can be sheathed with decorative braid.
The front of the turban glue or sew any bright decoration – it is the role of the rhinestones, artificial stones, brooches, jewelry, and in addition, you can decorate the headpiece with the peacock or ostrich feathers.