A standard method. To tie a bandana on your head, use a scarf of square shape. For a start fold it diagonally. You have to form a triangle. Then cover his head, fix the base on the forehead, and the two ends of a scarf tie at the nape. In the end tuck under the knot on the top of the triangle. To bandana don't have to correct you, but you didn't seem that she's going to fall off, before tying a knot, the base of the triangle roll into a small strip at the top.
If you prefer bandanas made of thick fabric or bandanas-rectangles, this method of tying the headgear for you. Put the scarf on the head in the form in which it is. Do not fold it. Hold on forehead, one side of the bandana, and its ends, which are located closer to you, tie together at the nape. Others, however, are not involved region should be under the node.Tying bandana, ensure that the node was dense and strong. Place it right on the head, and not on the neck, a bandana will hold well and will not fall from the head.
Use bandanna you can not only as a headdress, but also as a stylish accessoire. For example, tie a bandana bright colors on her hip. Your jeans or shorts will look original and individual, and in the summer, still and bright.
Light skirts can be supplemented with a belt of bandanas. The advantage is that it is not necessarily specifically to buy a belt or strap. Bandana will complete your look.
Also will look fashionable handbag, if you tied on the handle of her bandana, especially out of light material.
Bandana is indispensable in the sultry heat under the scorching sun, but in the evening when it is cooler, you can tie it around your neck as an excellent Supplement to the image.
Beautiful festive option for a social evening will serve as a bandana made of silk, tied around the neck.
In the cold season you can use a bandana of warm dense material.
If you like a variety of bracelets, wristbands or bracelets, these accessories create an alternative. Tie a bandana around the forearm or wrist, and let all surprised at your resourcefulness.