To stitch the shawl and that it looked good, it is necessary that the width of the chosen fabric was large enough – not less than 90 centimeters. It is better for such to use a handkerchief of silk or fine wool that is beautiful and good will drape on your head or around the neck.
For a headscarf suitable fabric in small flower or with a pattern having regular structure – the cell, peas. Immediately when buying the fabric, choose the thread of the right color. If the fabric color, then select the thread in the dominant color. If the shop sells accessories for sewing, we'll see if you manage to find the right color and texture fringe. It should not be longer than 5-7 centimeters, otherwise the shawl would be difficult to tie.
Before you start to cut the fabric, it is better to wash it in hot water to become softer and "the village", as woolen fabrics is characteristic. Then smooth it and start to cut. Cut the fabric square with your desired width and length, don't forget to add 1 inch on all sides for a hem. Treat all four edges, podrachivaya fabric approximately 5 millimeters. If you have a fringe, then sew it over the front side of the handkerchief double seam.