Mark on the fabric for the two parts of each kind: a field (equilateral trapezoid; lower side is equal to the circumference of your head, wide is 3-5 cm from it, depending on the values of the fields), the majority (also a trapezoid, the base is equal to the circumference of your head, length of the upper side of about 15 cm) and a circle – the "cover" of Panama. Its perimeter corresponds to the upper side of the main part. Place on patterns the seam.
Fold the edge of the field allowances. Align the fields to face each other, leaving allowances on the outside. Sew sides and base, turn and iron.
Align the main part the same way. Sew the side edge and turn.
Attach fields to the main part so that the seam on the details of the fields were between parts of the main part. Details of the main part should be inside. Sew along the line allowance.
Connect the round parts inside each other. Sew along the line allowance. Align with the primary design, to the allowances of the circle turned between its parts. The allowances the basic design needs to be bent inward. Sew details.