You will need
  • Cell phone, passport.
First of all you should clarify the reason for blocking your phone number. To do this, call the customer service "Beeline" phone 0611 from another number of the same operator and contact the Manager. Ask the Call center to indicate the reason for blocking of the SIM card, and also check the possibility it unlocks. If unlock is possible, you must perform the following steps.
If a blocked number was issued in your name, you should contact the office of mobile operator "Beeline", taking the passport. If the number was issued to another person, to unlock it in the operator's office should directly contact it (also need a passport). Upon arrival in the office "Beeline", contact the Manager and tell him about your problem. Verify that you have previously contacted the Call center, which informed you about the possibility of unlocking the room. Usually the unlock procedure takes less than two minutes. In General it is worth noting that the main cause of local blocking of the SIM card is its long disuse. If the SIM card had been "idle" for more than six months (ie it was not made calls, it locks automatically.
If the reason for the block was a negative balance of your phone number to unblock it, you need to recharge for the required amount of output from a minus. This can be done in any payment terminal or using the service "Trust payment" (*141#) and the amount of Deposit in this case does not exceed 90 rubles.