You will need
  • film;
  • - the tank;
  • - fixer;
  • developer;
  • - stop solution;
  • - distilled water;
  • thermometer;
  • - timer.
The equipment needed to develop film at home conditions, it is possible to buy in shop, order on the Internet or ask friends.
Dilute or dissolve the photochemistry of distilled water, following the instructions on the package or jar.
Use of the solution stop bath or a solution of diluted vinegar.
Bring all futurestory to the required temperature.
Close in the bathroom or any other dark place so as to have access to water and to show the film in home conditions.
Unwind the film from the cassette in total darkness, and then insert it into the tank.
After filling of the film fill the tank with the developer.
About once a minute spin the tank clockwise.
Soak the right time, then drain the contents of the tank and cover for a minute stop solution, designed to stop development process. Please note at the time of development as allowed in this phase error will cause the tape into disrepair (the duration of development and the desired number of developers listed on the inside of the box from the film).
Pour the stop solution and pour into the tank of fixer. Don't be afraid to overdo it, because if the film will be soaked in the fixer right time, over time it is covered with spots or darken.
Rinse the film in distilled water, giving a gentle stream of cold tap water into the tank at least 30 minutes, drain the water and hang the film to dry.
Rinse the film with a special solution to prevent the formation of spots on it, shake it and hang it to dry in a dust place, pulling by means of cargo.