General settings

Custom settings are not directly related to the process of shooting, but it is much easier, adapting the menu to the cameraand your convenience. Pressing the Menu button on the device screen, you will be taken to the General settings.

Loop through all the items in each tab. After you set up Russian language, and it can be done in the second tab, to understand all the rest will be easy, and with this task you can easily manage. Much more interesting to know how to perform some settings directly on the recording.

The shooting-mode selection

Have a Canon 550d, there are several automatic and creative shooting modes. Automatic: portrait, night portrait, landscape, sports and macro, and automatically to self-adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc.

The others are creative, need the intervention from the photographer. For example, the mode A-DEP performs an autoexposure function, controlling the sharpness of the image.

The Tv mode is used in case when you need to take a photo with the maximum of long or short exposure. Av, on the contrary, set to aperture priority – controls the amount of incoming light. P mode, the software allows the photographer to control the ISO and other settings, except the aperture and shutter speed.


Exposure compensation when photographing acts as a compensator of the exhibition. To set exposure compensation on Canon 550d, hit and hold the "+/-". In the line that appears you will see a scale from -2v to +2v. If the subject is dark and the frame need to lighten up, scroll wheel adjusting the diaphragm to the right in the direction of "+". If the frame is light, on the contrary, the left.

After the desired value is displayed, release the button "+ / - " and the changes will take effect.

White balance

On the Canon 550d, like most cameras, it is possible to adjust the white balance. This option must be selected in accordance with the main source of color. If you are photographing in nature, the balance can be left on automatic mode, because the sun will be the main source of light.

To align the color and adjust balance menu, go to WB by pressing the corresponding button on the camera housing. The WB button near the navigation.


Button that is responsible for the sensitivity (ISO) is at the top of the camera near the power button.

Clicking on it, you will be able to choose the desired value from 100 to 6400. From this value depends on how the matrix of the camera will feel falling on her light. The darker the area where you shoot, the higher should be the value ISO.