You will need
  • - a soft cloth;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - turpentine oil;
  • - the soft brush;
  • protein and milk;
  • - sponge;
  • - ammonia;
  • - breadcrumbs;
  • - liquid soap.
Dust on the obverse and on the reverse side of the painting with a soft, dry cloth, brush or shaving brush for shaving. Use this method regularly when cleaning the apartment.
At serious pollution separate scenic picture from the frame. Position the picture so that when the cleaning cloth is not pressed.
Check how will react the polluted picture on the cleaner. Do this on the very edge of the canvas, in the place where it will be hidden by a frame. For oil paintings and watercolors, the ways of dirt removal different. Be sure to consider this moment, in order not to damage the figure.
For cleaning of paintings, watercolors, roll a few lumps of black bread crumbs. They clean the polluted sites of the paintings, as if you're holding a pencil eraser. Once the crumb gets dirty, take it fresh and carry on.
Use turpentine oil to remove paintings, painted with oil paints. It can be purchased in the shops where goods are sold to artists. Take a cotton pad and moisten it with this weak solvent. After you check the action in the corner of the painting, carefully start to wipe the entire surface with short strokes. All the time inspect a cotton pad, to not be pieces of adhering paint. If you find that immediately stop cleaning.
Whisk egg white, add a teaspoon of milk. Dipped in this mixture a cotton pad, wipe the painting done with oil paints. Then take a soft cloth and DAB the painting dry.
Whip the lather. Podzeplje it with a sponge, wipe the oily spots on the picture painted by oil. Immediately remove soap clean slightly damp cloth and blot dry. If the canvas has cracks, the moisture it is contraindicated.
Moisten a disc of cotton wool with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the white space on the picture. Then immediately blot them with a dry rag.
Pick for the painting in a new frame or update the old one. Gold plated baguette on the old frames scour with a sponge soaked in ammonia.
Store watercolor paintings in frames with glass. Paintings, painted in oil, varnished in a specialist workshop.