Advice 1: How to open the lock 2115

To open the doors of vases 2115 without keys it is possible. In order not to damage the car, it is better to use proven methods. It does not necessarily refer to the masters or making new keys.
How to open the lock 2115
Often, car owners forget the keys inside the cabin or home, with your doors locked. This situation can occur at any time, so you should know how to open the door without keys.

What you need to know

If you are owner of VAZ 2115 and happened to this unpleasant situation, do not despair, all can be resolved. Typically, a door lock auto manufactures Central locking, sometimes through alarm. If you closed the car door and walked away for a while, forgetting the keys in the ignition, then after some time is locked, thereby restrict access into the car.

Well, when you have a spare key, such as the home. But if you are far away, and the opportunity to get a second set of keys in the near future, you can use other ways.

First, you need to have at itself the documents confirming that you are the owner of this car. Because you never know how strangers might react to such actions on your part.

The main ways to access 2115

The first way to open a car door without a key is that you need to build a simple device that consists of a steel wire. Its diameter should be about 4 mm. Length of wire should be about 60 cm, and its end must be bent in the form of a hook with a radius of 50 mm.

Try to push the wire between the door glass and gasket, make sure the hook is not bent. The bottom line is that you need with the help of hook to find and catch the rod of the door lock. Sometimes doing this can be difficult, but after much manipulation, you will still be able to pull up the lock rod.

The second method is more effective but also time consuming. Try to move the hands down the glass, with good drawing. It takes force. If you manage to lower the glass so that the top formed a small gap, it will be possible also with the help of wire with a hook to catch and raise the window regulator handle. So you open the glass.

If these two methods seem ineffective, you can open the car via the trunk. In case the back cushion is detachable, but the jumper is not solid, you can easily remove the pillow and get to the back door.

If you've tried all three ways but nothing works, it only remains to pull the rear window or to knock the glass. In this scenario, the repair will cost you dearly, so before you begin this method, it is better to consult with the masters.

Advice 2: How to open a closed lock

The castle is a product that is used to lock the door unit. He has given security properties. Currently often there are locks that have cylinder mechanisms. Such a mechanism can only be opened with a key. No one is immune from losing it. That is why you need to have an idea about how to open a closed lock.
How to open a closed lock
Meet cylinder mechanism of secrecy, made in the form of a cylinder, droplets, circle, or triangle. Great popularity on the market was won by a cylinder mechanism of the European type. This cylinder mechanism is executed in brass profile. The size is clearly defined. It is performed according to European standard. Under this dimension the manufacturer of the lock case. Cylinder locks can be divided according to the method of installation, rim and mortise. Mortise lock is mounted inside the door leaf, and a patch lock installed on the door leaf itself.
There is a way to unlock cylinder locks with a turning handle. It can be used to lock almost any manufacturer, despite the fact, Chinese or European castle. This method should be used only in the case if you lost the key and cannot open the door of his house.
So, let us turn to the description of the method. If the key is not inserted in the cylinder, precalcination will be slightly offset to the cylinder. Castle in this case it is possible to open and close twist handle. When you insert the key, this spout will produce a displacement of precalculates, thereby will lock the knob. In this case, the lock can be opened only when you turn the key and, assuming that the key was dialing the right combination. To open such lock without the key, you need to make an impact on a leash cylinder mechanism. Gently rotate it, while not affecting precalcinator. Upon rotation of the leash, the lock should open. Most locks you can open with a bent hook steel wire that has a diameter equal to 0.8 millimeters. This wire doing almost all the lever springs. So to find her is not difficult.
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