You will need
  • word processor Microsoft Word
Start the word processor Microsoft Word and open the document to be formatted for text which you want to set line spacing. Highlight in this document, paragraph or part of text. To select text use the capture the mouse cursor and circling of text on the page editor or holding down the "Shift" key on the keyboard and move the current cursor.
Then set the line spacing for the selected text. To do this in the main menu of the text editor click on the "Format" - "Paragraph". Then on the screen you will see a dialog box where all the options for formatting paragraphs. Navigate in this window to the tab "Indents and spacing".
How to make line spacing
In the window under "Interval" drop-down list, find "line spacing". Select the desired value. When you specify single, double or any other interval should take into account that the height of the line spacing period will be calculated as the product of the appropriate multiplier for the height of the font set for this paragraph.
When installing in the list of "line spacing" parameter "multiplier" type in the next value, the factor by which we need to multiply the height of the specified font in the paragraph. If desired, set other window parameters at the time of this paragraph. Click "OK". The intervals of lines in the selected text will be converted and installed as required by the user.
How to make line spacing