Determine in what format to display the text in which it is necessary to change the intervals. Perhaps, among the common text formats, the smallest choice of methods of regulation of spaces between words provides a format TXT. Here you can only use add instead of one space, two or more. To do this, open the file with a text editor and replace all single spaces double (triple, etc.). Usually the dialog search and replace is invoked by pressing CTRL + R or CTRL + H. This operation can be done in any text editor, e.g. Windows Notepad is easy to cope with it.
If the type of file in which to store the text supports formatting (e.g., DOC), the possibilities a bit more. Such texts are conveniently edited in Microsoft Word, open the file with text in it. Here you are also able to replace single spaces double, and can as a substitute use special characters. Among them are "long space", "short space", "1/4" gap. Directly in the dialog search and replace is not possible to introduce such a character, therefore, you must first insert the sample blank of the desired size in the document, copy it, then open the replace dialog and paste it into the appropriate field. Go to the Insert tab, open the drop-down list on the button Symbol and select "Other characters".
Click the tab "Special characters" and select the desired to adjust the spacing between words, type a space. Then click "Paste". So you will receive a sample to replace the gaps in the text - select it and cut (CTRL + X).
Open dialog find and replace (CTRL + H), enter normal space in the Find field and a space cut paste (CTRL + V) in the field "Replace by". Then click "Replace all" and the procedure for changing the spacing between words is completed.
If the text will be stored as a web document, which allows the use of CSS language, it's a lot simpler. The language has a special instruction, in which you can specify the desired amount of space between words - word-spacing. If you want to set uniform spacing for the entire document, then add the header part (between <head> and </head> these tags:<style type="text/css">
body {word-spacing: 20px}
</style>the Value to 20 pixels replace the desired size of a space.