You will need
  • computer;
  • - Microsoft Office Word.
Open the document using Word.
Highlight the portion of text to which you want to apply a value change interval. Be careful, because if the text contains characters of large size, some math, etc., the interval between lines is changed independently.
On the first tab of the toolbar click on the icon with the text and two arrows, one directed upward, the other downward. Click on it in the drop-down menu, select the desired value. There you can add spacing before paragraph or remove space after it.
If in the drop down menu did not specify desired values, then click on "Other options spacing intervals". There you can specify options such as alignment and tab, the level of text, hyphenation, markup, paragraphs, and many others.
If you need to apply the change intervaland the entire text of the document, then press Ctrl+A and then change the interval. Save the results.
If a value intervaland it is necessary to apply to multiple unrelated passages of text, then select the first desired word, and phrases or paragraphs. Press and hold down the Ctrl key while highlighting with the left mouse button the second part of the text to be the same formatting. Then, without releasing mouse button pressed, click on the icon change interval. Save the changes made.
Keep in mind that you can also supply the interval mode "Multiplier", then it will increase or decrease by the end of the document. If you often use some type of line spacing settings indent, you can make a template to save time on repetition of the procedure of formatting.