First, make sure that between the lines is not worth the extra paragraph symbol. Visually rate the text or switch to visual display paragraph marks and other hidden formatting characters. To do this, from the Home tab, under "Paragraph" click on the button marked with "¶". Extra paragraph marks will be marked with the same characters "¶". They do not print, but allow a more detailed and thorough work with the text. Delete any extra paragraph marks.
If you want to remove too pronounced spacing between the last line of one paragraph and the first line of the next paragraph, go to the Home tab. Under "Styles" select the style "Without intervals". If this style is not displayed on the toolbar, expand symbols, clicking on the arrow button located to the right of the fields with a thumbnail.
To reduce the spacing between lines in a paragraph, select the text or text fragment. To do this, hold down the left mouse button, moving the cursor over the desired area, or use the keys Ctrl, Shift and arrow keys "right" and "left". To select the whole text, go to the Home tab, and under "Edit" click "Select all".
Go to the tab "page Layout" and click on the small arrow button under "Paragraph" dialog box window. Alternative method: click the right mouse button in the document from the drop-down menu, select "Paragraph".
In the opened window go to tab "Indents and spacing". In the section "Interval" select from the drop down list the desired ranges (single low) and/or the corresponding value in the advanced field when you select "multiplier" and "precise". To set the value, use the arrow buttons "up" and "down" located to the right of field or enter a value from the keyboard. Click OK to the new settings took effect.