Advice 1: How to change the indent size of the red line in word

When making a variety of documents in Microsoft Word have to resort to their formatting. For example, you may need to change the amount to indent the red line.
How to change the indent size of the red line in word

Why in the text paragraphs

The paragraph (or red line) is a structural element that is logically complete and includes the topics of the main text. It is an essential element of any document, help text does not merge into a single whole, and to have a logical designed structure. From the point of view of computer programs, a paragraph is any text ending by pressing enter.

Rules for changing the width of the paragraph

To change the width of the paragraph indent in Word document format in one of two ways. First, you can select text with the left mouse button, then right button click on the selected text. In the window that opens, choose "Paragraph", then "Tab". You can see that the default indentation of 1,25 cm paragraph should be a different size, you need to enter the data and save the changes. Now the indentation will be as needed. This is the way in which a paragraph will be placed accurately to the millimeter.

The second method changes the red line is implemented by using the "line" tool, located on the toolbar. The line is on the left and top, but it might be hidden. To activate the tool click the left mouse button in the upper right corner on the small square will appear soon in scale and marker on it.

When you hover over the marker, or the slider horizontal ruler you will see the tooltip "indent from left", "projection" and "first line indent". You need to change the width of the paragraph indent for the first line. Fix the mouse cursor near the first line, click the left mouse button on the marker at the top where it shows "first line indent" and with the ruler you can set the desired size. If the text is typed, but paragraphs, you need to select all the text completely, then again use the slider. The paragraphs of the right size will appear around the text. It's more of a visual method of forming a paragraph, less accurate than the previous one.

The indentation can be positive, zero (when the alignment of the text in the center) and negative when the first line stands closer to the left edge of the sheet. Paragraph indents in Word documents, measured in inches.

You need to know

It is important to remember that indention in any case it is impossible to make "space" key. In this case future formatting problems arise, since the strings can "theseats". Proper execution of paragraphs later will save time when rebuilding the document.

Advice 2 : How to remove a paragraph in word

When you press enter Word automatically makes the text wrap to a new line and write in invisible characters the sign of the paragraph. The program treats the paragraph as a symbol of moving text on a new line.
Text in Word is shown by the paragraph symbol
You will need
  • Computer
  • Word
How to remove the symbol of a paragraph.When converting from a format *.txt format *.doc, you can observe a situation in which the Word takes the text breaks lines as a new paragraph. In this case, the text is forcibly severed, and format it quite difficult. In this case it is necessary to remove extra characters of the paragraph manually.
A little to automate the process by writing a special macro, if the text is large, or a manual review of all paragraphs using the menu function "find and replace". Thus in the string "find" it is necessary to put an invisible symbol of a paragraphby choosing it from the advanced menu, and the string "replace" - the invisible space character.
How to remove the text of the paragraph by pressing the "delete" or "backspace"When editing texts is a common situation in which it is necessary to remove a whole paragraph, or merge two of paragraph one. In the second case, simply press "delete" or "backspace" to remove the extra space between the lines. In the first first paragraph should highlight to show that the program to erase in the future.
The allocation is carried out using three clicks of the right button of the mouse is hovered over the text of a paragraph. You can then press the already known key "delete" or "backspace", and the text will be safely deleted.
To select a paragraph and not one, but a lot is possible with the arrow keys and shift key. To do this, press the "shift" key and hold down the arrows to lead up or down, thus signifying the selection. Dedicated to erase using "delete" or "backspace".
How to remove the text paragraph by pressing Ctrl+Chest another way to erase the selected text. However, it is not final disposal, a so-called "taking the text to the clipboard (pocket)". This is done using a combination of Ctrl and the Latin key layout is Indicated by X. this combination: Ctrl+X.
When pressed simultaneously, these keys are pre-selected text is deleted, but not quite, and in program memory, and if you want it out again, pressing another shortcut: Ctrl+V.
A paragraph mark and a line break in Word labeled differently.
Useful advice
Ask indent or reformat a paragraph in two ways: from the line menu and from the context menu (right mouse button)

Advice 3 : How to remove spaces between paragraphs

In some text editors in the default settings between paragraphs specified interval greater than the distance between the lines. This is done for convenience of registration of contracts, papers and other important documents. But for personal use, the user can remove these gapsby changing the appropriate settings in the file.
How to remove spaces between paragraphs
Open a text document or editor to which you want to change the spacing between paragraphs. Select the piece of text you are interested in. It can be two paragraphs or the whole text. In the second case, instead of the cursor, use the key combination “Ctrl+A” (the keyboard layout can be both Russian and English).
Click on the selection, the right mouse button to open the context menu. When this button is clicked in another place in the document cancels the selection and opens a submenu to control other properties of the document.
You can open the desired menu by using the keyboard, press the "Properties" between the right "Alt" and "Ctrl". Find the line "Paragraph" and click the left mouse button.
In the tab "Indents and spacing" find paragraph "Interval". In the fields "Before" and "After" set to "0" to set the minimum distance between paragraphs. If you wish, you can specify any other value, smaller than the original. In the preview monitor the difference between the original and the new text format.
In the same menu in the fields "Line" and "On" you can change line spacing for one paragraph. The minimum value allowed in the document – "single" interval".
To save the settings, click “OK”. The menu will close automatically, the interval between fields and rows will change.
If the interval between paragraphs is not due to the settings menu, and insert "empty" row, place the cursor at the end of the last line of the first paragraph and once click "Delete". The second paragraph is closer, the distance will be reduced.
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