Fence all tests the patients performed by medical staff in a clinic or other medical facility. Scraping for the detection of pinworms or eggs are used to confirm the diagnosis of a helminth infection. Samples taken of the material of the outer imprint the perianal folds.
Scraping on enterobiasis need to take 3-fold, the analysis is carried out on a daily basis. The doctor may additionally prescribe laxatives that cause increased shedding of pinworms. For each and every patient is taken individual sterile package for sampling of material, which includes a glass slide, a spatula and instructions. The procedure is performed early in the morning, right after sleep, before cleaning and defecation. For a fence using adhesive, sticky tape a length of 5 cm.
After receiving the imprint of the piece of tape is glued on a laboratory glass slide, which is then placed in the package. On the glass indicates the ordinal number of studies, name of medical facility. The nurse fills the area with the indication of surname, date of birth (age) patient home address and the name of organized team (kindergarten, school, etc.). The identification number is recorded in a special journal that is to be paid in the future and the result of the study.
The glass material can be stored at room temperature (+18 - +22?C) for 3 days, protected from light. The doctor has to examine the delivered material under the microscope. The patient is given a conclusion on the results of the study.