For training, select a place where no one will disturb you, and make sure that you won't be distracted – turn off the phones, turn off the lights, turn on a dim nightlight. Close your eyes and without opening them, look up as high as possible, and then lower my eyes down.
Repeat this exercise 15-20 times, trying effortlessly to look first up and then down. Then repeat the exercise as many times left and right, opening his eyes. Then start to rotate your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise, and then look straight ahead, point the look inside your own head, and finally look back.
Performing these exercises with your eyes closed in the morning, you gradually learn to feel your own body and feel the surrounding space look. Do the exercises regularly then your intuition will become each time more and thinner.
You can train your ability for clairvoyance on pictures of a familiar person. Set a picture and thoroughly examine it. Do not strain in the process of studying the images are just details consider all its elements. Try to remember the appearance of the person depicted in the photo.
Then close your eyes and ask any question about the person in the picture, and then independently try to answer it. Performing this exercise for ten days half an hour a day, you'll learn to anticipate events – a week later meet with the person in the picture and ask what happened to him during this period of time. Perhaps the events in his life coincide with your guesses and answers.
In order to learn how to see something hidden from your sight, try to look at the wall, sitting on a chair. The wall must be at arm's length from your eyes. Focus on any point, which will drop your gaze, and without blinking, looking at this point for twenty minutes.
Then look at the wall, raspolozivim opinion, is also within twenty minutes. Try to see the same point, but behind the walls so you could see the wall through. Do the exercise daily.