Answer the test questions (Yes/no):

1. Do you have interest in magic, extrasensory perception, mysticism, paranormal phenomena?

2. Do you dream prophetic dreams?

3. Your favorite time of day – late evening or night?

4. Did you happen to predict or anticipate events that need to happen? Come true do they?

5. Have you had occasions when you have thee speak out the phrase for the other person?

6. Do you feel a tingling sensation of the hands touching the Antiques?

7. You have heightened sensitivity and you "feel" other people?

8. Do you feel subtle energy, for example, the aura, the aura?

9. Do you feel the danger of its occurrence?

10. You better to feel alone than in the company of other people?

11. You strange animals react?

12. You have more energy than most people?

13. Did you find that it changes your eye color?

14. Can you relieve pain, heal with your hands?

15. If a person has hurt you, but he's got something bad happens?

16.If junk appliances (TV, radio, computer) when you are nearby?

17. How have you felt in the dark the presence of astral beings?
Now evaluate the test results. The more Yes answers you score, the more you have psychic or magical abilities.