You will need
  • - a deck of cards;
  • - family album
Use the maps.
This exercise is known for a long time. From the deck need to pull any card, and inspection a person must try to guess what color it is. If it works, then you need not to stop, but to try to say the suit and then rank.
The probability of random guessing one card out of the 36 is very small. Therefore, if the subject recognizes multiple cards, it means that his intuition is well developed. And psychics are those people who have developed intuition very much.
Find family album.
This is an unusual "guessing game" to measure the level of intuition. The exercise is aimed at clarifying whether the subject to feel human energy, and to distinguish dead from alive.
Take the album and run your hand over the photos. You need to carefully listen to your feelings, is there a difference between photos of dead people from pictures of the living? You may feel cold, color, tingling, unable to even hear the sound or see any picture. This individually. It is important to understand whether there is a difference between images of the living and the dead.
The next stage of this exercise is other people's photos. Do the same with the family album another man whose relatives you don't know. If feelings will tell you who is in the photo "in another world", so you are able to distinguish between live and dead energy.
Pay attention to dreams.
Another feature of the psychics – their dreams are prophetic, they predict, warn of the event. But dreams are abstract, fragmentary visions. How to understand what dream of for you, prophetic or ordinary?
Every morning, barely awake, say your dream, tell it to yourself in bed. Recounting what I saw the other night in a dream, write it down. Repeat this exercise every 1-2 weeks. Periodically check your records. If you find that dreams and reality intersect, or coincide – you certainly have the gift of foresight.