You will need
  • Calculating the number of your birth.
  • Consult a numerologist.
Each person has a natural inclination towards a particular activity. But how, under what conditions it grows in power. First you need to determine what you have the inclination and the sooner you do, the more you will have time for opening gifts. To determine their aptitudes calculate a simple code - the number of your birthday, adding all the numbers contained in your date of birth. For example, if you were born 20.08.1973, your number will be 2+8+1+9+7+3=3.
If the number 1. You are a good organizer and leader. It's easier to be creative when you are leading a group of people, then manifest your natural abilities. So, do not be afraid of responsibility and take it on themselves willingly.
If the number of birth 2. Your ability to relate to ancestral karma. Carefully study the success stories of the family, keep track of all the talented ancestors. Hint: perhaps your ability to relate to the natural Sciences and medicine.
If the number of birth 3. Travel more, broaden your horizons. Strive to receive awards for the "crust" on education and other regalia. You can become successful in the field of education, to manage the creative process, become a critic, a Director of the company. Your calling is significant, large, large scale.
If the number of birth 4. Get an education, communicate with teachers, they will help you find your way. You can become a pioneer, to make the discovery where others failed. You're a scientist, an innovator, a pioneer.
If the number of birth 5. You are a businessman, a scientist, a journalist, a writer. Switch, do not long the same routine you harmful. Try to describe everything that happens in writing, develop writing skill.
If the number 6. You are an artist, poet, singer, dancer, artist, actor, designer, worker in the fashion industry. Helps to develop powers of creative Hobbies and personal relationships, communication with Bohemians.
If the number 7. You love people, kind, a good psychologist. But about yourself you know little. Ask others to help you. They will tell in which direction you should move. Hint: you are a humanist, you should not go into the exact Sciences.
If the number 8. One of you can become a good politician, administrator, military strategist. Will help you along the way with discipline and love of order, ability to do it all yourself, the understanding of hierarchy, willingness to obedience. You will not damage the education in the exact Sciences.
If the number 9. You'll make a good athlete or soldier, a mathematician or an engineer. Sport in any case help you to Express yourself. Exercise regularly, strive to achieve more and your will to win will grow.