A universal way of sale in the ad, perhaps, to everyone. To place your ad the best on the Internet, because through the newspaper to sell such a thing as a mobile phone will be difficult. The fact that today the buyer wants to buy "a pig in a poke" and prefers to see the photos of the model. The Internet provides such an opportunity. Besides, an ad network for a few minutes, and when properly assigned a price to sell the phone for a few hours.
To popular resources where you can quickly and profitably sell a mobile phone includes such sites as,,,, Daily attendance is big, but mostly these resources used by residents of the cities. If you live away from large cities, it is better to look at one of the local sites, where it is allowed to publish free ads. Usually it require to register, to fill out a standard form with indication of ad text and your contact information.
If, after the sale of the old phone you are planning to buy a new product instead, you can use a service similar to that offered to motorists, namely Trade In. Some network cellular enable customers to hand over your phone at the best price, and buy a new one instead. It should be noted that the average price at which they buy a used mobile device, slightly above the one offered by dealers of equipment in the markets of electronics.
By the way, in the markets of electronics, you too can quickly sell your phone. That's just a lot of you for it they will not give the dealers too need to make money. However, if you urgently need the money or your phone is not too presentable and also charging him you have nothing, as a last resort, you can sell it and thus.