A thrift store is different from the usual that sells no products received from wholesalers, distributors or manufacturers, and used, which are accepted a Commission from the population. The undoubted benefits of such a store is that at the initial stage do not require large expenditures on the purchase of goods, since payment to the seller you can only after the sale of his stuff by charging a certain percentage of the transaction amount. In fact, the thrift store is more of a mediation organization than shopping.
Unlike thrift, store buying, gives people the opportunity to get money for your goods, and requires the store of all the risks associated with the sale. Naturally, to buy things you need 10-20% below the purchase price. Many people need money immediately, so such a store would be unlikely to experience a shortage in the product.
First we need to decide what exactly you intend to buy. The most popular option is to buy the population of small electronic appliances, cell phones, jewelry. The advantage here is that to implement such a product you do not need large retail space, so you can save considerably on rent, while diversified thrift shop need a fairly large size for demonstration and storage of goods.
Choosing a direction and getting all the necessary permissions (you can do this yourself or with the help of lawyers providing services for registration of entrepreneurs), you can start to look for a suitable place to rent. It is not necessary to strive in the Central shopping centers of the city, as the rent there is very high. Much better to rent a few square meters in the market or in the shopping centre in a residential area. Depending on the degree of provincialism of the rental will cost around 5 to 15 thousand rubles per month. Also need to consider the cost of equipment point of sale, cash register, showcases, counters.
At first, you will be able to work behind the counter yourself, not to spend money on wages. Of course, in order to correctly assess brought you a Commission the product, you must have some special knowledge (to understand the electronics, precious metals, old coins and books).
Not do without advertising. It makes no sense to spend huge money on television or radio advertising, place ads in Newspapers, hanging near the sign or banner. Very effective advertising in elevators and the entrances of the houses located near to your store. The cost of such advertising will be about 5-10 thousand rubles at the initial stage. In addition, you'll need start-up capital directly to purchase goods. Here you can come only with their capabilities and assessments of the market, although it hardly makes sense to trade a pair of used phones, or one or two gold bracelets, after all, a rich assortment will attract more possible buyers.